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Merlin Graphics can craft the identity of your business and present it effectively to your target market.

Brand identity, print media, website, on-line point-of-sale, brochures, signage – all delivered in one effective action, under one roof with one point of contact.


Merlin Graphics provides you with top-flight, clean, contemporary design and extensive experience for a fraction of the price of an agency.

Forming a vision of what you’re trying to achieve allows YOU to control how much, or little you want to do immediately and what can be done later as your business grows.

If you know what you want – great!

If you need help writing a brief I can guide you...

  • "Merlin has provided me with a design and identity that I'm really proud of. He has also respected my, at times, limited funds and not let this be a barrier to building my profile gradually and appropriately.”

    Caroline Gallup
    Author & Journalist
  • "We've used Merlin for a broad range of different projects. Whether it be a print campaign or online project with bells and whistles, Merlin has always approached our briefs with enthusiasm and creativity."

    Lee Henshaw
    CEO - Silence London
  • "Creative, professional, resourceful is how I would describe Merlin. He was really quick to capture my ideas and to adapt to my needs. A totally stress free experience. I wouldn’t work with anyone else."

    Anna Plummer
    Entrepreneur - London/Barcelona



Graphic design is a broad topic covering everything from concept and form to typography and colour theory. It's the starting point of any project, be it for a digital or print application.

It is also the primary stage of creating or reinventing a company brand - developing an “identity” which is followed consistently through all communication with a target audience.

Whether you have a concept or idea that you would like to see represented in a graphic form, or if you already have something that you would like developed or refreshed, please get in touch.

From a full company identity to designing a single icon, I am happy to discuss any project, of any size or scope. 


Not so long ago, the word “digital” used to refer to designing for the screen rather than the printed page.

Now the term covers the myriad methods we use to communicate with audiences via phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, large TVs and even digital billboards and hoardings.

Much has changed, but the principles are still the same - delivering the correct message whilst being consistent with company or product identity.

Having worked in this domain since 1997, I am familiar with the many forms digital graphics, and have produced many campaigns to suit an increasing number of different formats.

If you require a simple brochureware website (like this one!) or need to roll-out an entire digital campaign via social media and third party websites, drop me a line.


Having a good understanding of traditional print-based design is vital. It is also something I hugely enjoy - producing a tactile object is always a rewarding experience.

Understanding the world of layout, typesetting, and printing is still very relevant in today's marketplace. I can communicate directly with your chosen printer, or can suggest one that is suitable for your needs.

I have delivered a broad range of printed materials for clients including brochures, flyers, stationary, press ads, stcikers, billboards..... even scratch cards and beer mats!

From a simple business card to a full-colour brochure, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Merlin Graphics is particularly well suited to startup businesses which require a complete range of skills and services, within a limited budget, delivered quickly and efficiently, and with only one point of contact.

I have helped many clients get their business ventures up and running; giving them a professional and contemporary feel to their business cards, website, business stationary, advertising, printed brochure and digital communications.

I can collaborate closely with you and any partners, lend an experienced eye to what is being produced and how, and ensure that the venture gets launched with the correct aesthetic.

If you would like to discuss launching a new business or product, please get in touch.

Merlin Matthews


t: 07970 644515